Far West Teams

Far West Ski Team 2016-2017

Far West Ski Team Criteria


Francesca English Maureen Lebel Tenaya Standteiner

   Sinead Danagher Maia Bickert Kyla Miller



 Barrett Calvin Payton Norton   Luke Rodarte

Calvin Wilson Winston Pretti Jordan Cashman

Griffin Knorpp Alex Colby  

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Far West PACE Team 2016-2017

  • TBA November 1st

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The 2016 Far West Academic Team

The Far West Academic Team recognizes current U21-U16 athletes in the Far West whose grade point average for the previous season’s spring semester was 3.5 or better. Athletes are invited to send a legible copy of the spring report card to the FWS office by September 15, in order to be named to the Far West Academic Team.

Congratulations to our 2016 Scholar Athletes:

Far West Academic Team 2016

Alvarez Pilar * Sugar Bowl Academy
Amon-Franceschi Bruno   Los Angeles Unified School District
Anderson Lachlan   Mater Dei High School
Auer Sarah * Sugar Bowl Academy
Baty Thomas   Sugar Bowl Academy
Brinkman Ryan * Crean Lutheran High School
Brody Caroline   Oaks Christian School
Brown Katherine   Mammoth High School
Buongiorno Trevor * San Juan Hills High School
Caravelli Kevin   North Tahoe High School
Carr Austin   North Tahoe High School
Carr Ella * North Tahoe High School
Cashman Keely   Mountain Oaks School
Cleary Noah   Incline High School
Colby Alex * Mammoth High School
Cooper Faith   Sugar Bowl Academy
Danagher Sinead * Sugar Bowl Academy
Davenport Luke * Laurel Springs School
Delaney Casey    
Drapeau Daniel   Bentley School
Dunkelman Sean * Douglas High School
Eftekhari Addison * Hillsdale High School
Eisen Erik   Mammoth High School
Fellows Monique   Sugar Bowl Academy
Ferre Jillian * North Tahoe High School
Fischer Katie   Bishop Manogue Catholic High School
Fischer Nick   Bishop Manogue Catholic High School
Fourie JP * Sugar Bowl Academy
Fralick Thomas   North Tahoe School
Gammariello Elizabeth * West Ranch High School
Gooch James   Sugar Bowl Academy
Goss Harrison   North Tahoe High School
Hillman Danner * Douglas High School
Hudson Sophie * Sugar Bowl Academy
Hurt Brett   North Tahoe High School
Hurt AJ * North Tahoe School
Jacobs Ned   Westlake High School
James Daphne * Sugar Bowl Academy
Kearns Delaney * San Joaquin Memorial High School
Kennedy Aly * Tahoe Expeditionary Academy
Kennedy Erica   Tahoe Expeditionary Academy
Knorpp Griffin   Sugar Bowl Academy
Langdon-Weyrich Kyle   Newport Harbor High School
Leggett Alan   Sugar Bowl Academy
Lindsey Elan * North Tahoe High School
Loll Tyler   Sugar Bowl Academy
Louis Haley * Sugar Bowl Academy
Macedo Michel * Sugar Bowl Academy
Martel Calan   Colfax High School
Matteson Cole * Galena High School
Muhlen-Shulte Louis   Sugar Bowl Academy
Omar Olivia   Sugar Bowl Academy
Postlewaight Nicole   Forest Charter School
Pretti Winston * Incline High School
Pretti Amanda * Incline High School
Rodarte Luke * Sugar Bowl Academy
Safipour John   Bentley School
Salven David * CSU Los Angeles
Salvo Domenic   Sugar Bowl Academy
Samuels Sami   Sugar Bowl Academy
Schadlich Peter   Sugar Bowl Academy
Schaffner Jack   Sugar Bowl Academy
Scott Elizabeth * Sugar Bowl Academy
Smallhouse Matthew * Galena High School
Smith Kathleen * Sugar Bowl Academy
Snelbaker Sydney * Mammoth High School
Sousa Connor   Red Bluff High School
Staley Connor   Westlake High School
Staudenmayer Sophia * Sugar Bowl Academy
Thompson Allena * Oak Ridge High School
Toalson Maris * Sugar Bowl Academy
Tominaga Hiroki * Sugar Bowl Academy
Turner Cole * Sugar Bowl Academy
Wattenmaker Gwen * Sugar Bowl Academy
Welsh Callum * Sugar Bowl Academy
Weyland Mary * Douglas High School
Wingard Drew   Tahoe Truckee High School
Wingard Max * Forest Charter School
Winton Mackenzie   Sugar Bowl Academy

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 The Far West Development Teams 2016 (athletes to watch)    
Congratulations to the following athletes on being named to the Far West U14.U16 Development Team. These athletes completed the 2016 season at the top of the standings in their respective age classes.

U14 Development Team     U16 Development Team  
Girls Boys   Ladies Men
Shannon Watridge Max Kelly   Mack Carkeet Payton Norton
Aliza Neu Brandon Leitner   Zazie Huml Calvin Barrett
Maya Wong Danny Kelsay   Alice Robinson Charlie Regelbrugge
Julia Holm Tommy Eisenstat   Belle Johnson Angus McKenzie

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Far West Emeritus Ski Team

The Far West Emeritus Ski Team is composed of recently retired U.S. Ski Team athletes from the Far West. Team members receive complimentary lift tickets and entry fees to all USSA/Far West races to encourage their participation.

Wisi Betschart  
Nick Daniels
Forest Peterson
Katie Hitchkock
​Stephanie Lebby
Jonna Mendes
Daron Rahlves
​Marco Sullivan


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Far West Honorary Ski Team

The Far West Honorary Ski Team honors athletes from the Far West who are current members of the U.S. Ski Team.

Erik Arvidsson
Bryce Bennett
Stacey Cook
Garret Driller
Mark Engel
Travis Ganong
Lila Lapanja
Keith Moffat
Julia Mancuso


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