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The final two sets of selection boards are now open for the 2019 season!

1. Spring Speed Series - DH training and DH Races being held April 8-11, 2019 at Mammoth. We have a quota of 35 to this event.

2. Elite Spring Series - SG, GS and SL being held at Mammoth April 12-17, 2019 at Mammoth. We have a quota of 22 to this event.

Selections can be found on the WR Intents page. There are two tabs under the Mammoth listing, one for the Speed Series and one for the Elite Tech Series. Coaches please confirm on all tabs!

Parents and athletes - simple online form, and no liability waiver required at Mammoth. Please click here to complete the online form by Sunday, 24th at 5:00pm.

Thank you.
Lucy Schram
Far West Skiing, Divisional Manager
PO Box 2664
Truckee, Ca 96160

Performance Camp Details


Friday 3/22
GS skills acquisition, training and timed race run
8:00am coaches meeting upstairs in Judah Lodge. Coach tickets, radios, athlete bibs and daily schedule will be provided at this time
8:30am athlete check in at Judah Lodge
9:00am on snow 

Saturday 3/23
Skills Quest and Panel Slalom training and race
Slalom skis and GS poles recommended for equipment

Sunday 3/24
Slalom skills acquisition, training and race
Full Slalom gear 


Three Day Lift ticket is $72..please excuse my error in the project announcement.

Thursday March 21, 2019 Big G (1 Run GS):
    Venue is Racer’s on Upper Mountain, Walking ticket available

Friday, March 22, 2019 Giant Slalom:
   Venue is Julia’s Gold – parents will not need a ticket to view

Saturday, March 23, 2019  Slalom & Skills Quest  
       Venue is Julia’s Gold – parents will not need a ticket to view

Sunday, March 24, 2019 PSL Team Event
         Venue is Julia’s Gold – parents will not need a ticket to view

Congratulations to the athletes that have qualified for the Far West Performance Camp. The project will be held March 22-24, 2019 at Sugar Bowl Resort.
The project announcement and registration are now available for this event. 
Registration must be completed by Friday, March 15th, 2019 on adminskiracing and it is listed under Far West Skiing. 

Click here for list of athletes

Click here for project announcement

How were these athletes selected?

Performance camp brings together top performing U14 and U12 athletes from the Far West Division that are not participating in the U14 Regional Championships. The camp objective is to provide athletes the opportunity to improve their skiing skills while introducing athletes and coaches to each other to foster a healthy Far West environment. Athletes must be members in good standing of U.S. Ski & Snowboard and Far West Skiing for the 2018/19 season, including any (X) foreign athletes.

The total quota will not exceed 52 athletes (26 males and 26 females).
Quota distribution for U14 will be 40 athletes (North: 14 m/f, Central: 3 m/f, South: 3 m/f) selected from the continuation of the U14 Regional Championships Boards. The Central and South quota will be filled from their series races for SL and GS.
Quota distribution for U12 will be North: 4 m/f, Central: 1 m/f, South: 1 m/f, selected from the U12 season long standings of SL and GS
The camp will rotate throughout the Far West and include three days – tech event training/racing and skills quest. Programs are required to send coaching staff to work this development project. Athletes will have 72 hours to respond with registration once selections are open.

Please note that the SG's have been cancelled and replaced with one more slalom and one more gs.
Tuesday Men's GS, Ladies SL
Wednesday Men's GS, Ladies SL
Thursday Ladies GS,  Men's SL
Friday Ladies GS, Men's SL
Saturday and Sunday TBD and there may be further schedule adjustments that your coaches will communicate daily.

The Slaloms will be held at Alpine Meadows on Outer Limits and the GS will be at Squaw Valley on Olympic Lady.

Reminder if you are interested in volunteering please email [email protected]


Ladies and gents....this is a quick turn around. 
Selections are open, March 10, 2019 on the WR Intents page.
Selections and Registration close, March 12, 2019 at 5:00pm
Required items:
  Click here for Northstar Liability waiver to [email protected]
  Click here for Far West Registration Form - CLOSED

Everything is due by March 12th at 5:00pm....Don't Be Late as our entries are due the next day, Far West does not have time to chase you down!

Thank you and have a great day. 

Congratulations to all of our U14 athletes on a great season amongst many weather challenges and best wishes on your continued successes during your Divisional Championships this weekend.

1. Finalized standings are posted on the U14 schedules page.
2. Performance Camp selections and registration will open on Monay, March 11th.
3. U14 Regional Championship selections, info page and registration are now posted on the Far West Site. REGISTRATION MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE FAR WEST OFFICE BY 5PM ON MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2019.  The Regional Information page link can be found by clicking here.

Reminder that there is plenty of racig left this season....Tech Final, SG Camp and SG series, etc. Check the U14 schedules page for upcoming events.

During the Holiday Training Block all U12 families should have received their own copy of the Far West Development Initiative book from their Program Director or Head Coach. 

What is the Far West Development Initiative?
Mission: Support collaboration of divisional programs and coaches in the development of successful Far West ski racers, with the goal of being the best Division in the Nation.

The purpose of the Far West Development Initiation book is to be a valuable resource for each athlete/parent/coach. In it are the fundamentals of ski racing - the absolute basics that even the best World Cup racers come back to refine. It is a visual guide to see how the fundamentals are executed at the highest level. The guide is desgned to be used by the athlete and parent. At the rear of the manual are key concepts that are illustrated by photos.  A seperate 'Coaches Pocket Guide' was also developed to allow the coaches to use these key concepts and visuals on the hill, too!

The guide is designed to help the athlete, and includes a 'Parent's Corner' too.  A section devoted to parents on 'How to support your athlete', information on equipment needs, plus the National/Regional and Divisional Structure. A glossary of terms that the programs of the Far West agree will help all coaches, athletes and families speak in the same terms as athletes develop.

The book is a colaboration of Far West Program Directors and Head Coaches along with experts in the field to bring the best Development Initiative Book to each and everyone of you!

Is it avaialbe and usable by age classes outside of U12? Absolutely!
The Far West Development Initiative book is a valuable resource for all age classes and can be purchased on the Far West website by either visiting the FWDI tab across the top bar of the Far West website, or by clicking on this FWDI link.

This Development Initiative provided to each U12 family and U12 coach was funded by private donations as a valuable resource in the progress of each athletes journey in ski racing. If you would like to donate towards the Far West Development Initiative please click here.
Far West Skiing is a 501c3 California not for profit organization and all donations are tax deductable.

Questions about the Development Initiative? Contact the Far West Skiing Office, [email protected]


Welcome to the 2019 season and the racing ahead! Some general updates and specifics for each age class are included in this article.

General Items
Registering for races can be completed one race series at a time or for the entire season. The first item is to check the race announcement for the event to confirm registration cut off deadlines, series location, lift ticket prices and of course the extremely important liability form requirements. 
Next you can head to www.adminskiracing.com to complete your online registration. If you have not created an account yet, that will be your first stop. Once the account is created you will need to add the athletes you are registering to this account (if you have multiple athletes in your family racing you will only need to create one account and add all kids to that account!)

North/Central/South and California Challenge Series:
U10 and U12 North Series - programs include Tahoe Basin, Mammoth, Mt. Shasta, Northern Nevada
U10, U12 and U14 Central Series - programs include Bear Valley, China Peak, Dodge Ridge and Yosemite Winter Club
U10, U12 and U14  South Series - programs include Snow Summit 
California Challenge Series - North/Central/South athletese that are planning on qualifying for the U14 Regional Championships. These are scored races where the U14 races held in the Central and South Series are non-scored and do not qualify towards the U14 Regional Championships.

U10 Specific Items: Year of Birth 09 and 10

  • U10's will utilize a Team Start order, and can be found on the U10 schedules page
  • All U10 competitors are allowed to start the second run in their starting spot, including those that did not finish (DNF) or were disqualified (DSQ) in their first run.
  • U10 Championships will consist of 1 Slalom, 1 GS, 1 one run Big GS with Skills Quest, 1 Parallel with Team Event

U12 Specific Items: Year of Birth 07 and 08

  • U12 start order will be a random draw for the first run, second run will be in reverse order. Day two will start with the reverse order and second run will return to the original start order, ie ABBA order. SG training run will be in team order with a seperate random order per race.
  • All U12 competitors are allowed to start the second run in their starting spot, including those that did not finish (DNF) or were disqualified (DSQ) in their first run.
  • U12 Skills Quest will be run on the SG training day during the North Series SG weekend
  • U12 Championships will consist of SG Training Run and SG race, 1 Slalom, 1 GS, 1 Parallel with Team Event
  • U14/U12 Performance Camp brings togther top performing athletes from the Far West Division. U12 qualification: top 6 males and female (North 4M/F, Central 1M/F, South 1 M/F) selected from the U12 season long standings of SL and GS. Programs are required to send coaching staff to work this development project.

U14 Specific Items:

  • U14 Races (YOB 05-06) are run as U.S. Ski and Snowboard sanctioned, scored, events. Start lists are based on U.S. Ski & Snowboard points, top 15 are a random draw, followed by points order, and a random draw for all 999.99 athletes.
    SG training runs may be run in team order.
  • 2nd run is in bibbo order for the top 30, followed by athletes fastest to slowest. Athletes that DNF or DSQ in the 1st run will be allowed to take a 2nd run immediately following the final qualified competitor, unless decided upon by the jury at least one hour prior to the start of the race that post runs will not be allowed.
  • The California Challenge Series is the qualifying series to the U14 Regional Championships
  • Open Series start opportunities: December Tech Block, Far West Tech Finals and the Far West SG Finals.

If you have any questions please contact your coach or the Far West Skiing Office. 
Hope you have an amazing season!

Lucy Schram
Far West Skiing
PO Box 2664
Truckee, Ca 96160
[email protected]

Mission Statement

Promote the skiing development of young athletes from all clubs in the Far West with the objective of placing elite competitors onto the US Ski Team. 'Alpine Athlete competencies' as developed by USSA will be used as a guideline.

  • Promote alpine competition in Far West from entry level, club level and elite level.
  • Provide financial support to athletes, coaches and development projects.
  • Maintain a structure that will support the needs of Far West clubs, athletes, coaches and general membership.

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