Far West Teams

Far West Ski Team 2017-2018

Far West Ski Team Criteria


Alix Wilkinson

Magnolia Neu

Alix Wilksinson Magnolia Neu Gwendolyn Wattenmaker


Zazie Huml       



Barrett Calvin

Winston Pretti

Jordan Cashman Barrett Calvin Winston Pretti



Payton Norton    




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Far West PACE Team 2017-2018

Saana Ahonen Ebba Grant Eva Jazbec
Mihaela Kosi Caroline Sanden Gustafsson Emma Stenvall
Luka Gobec Adrian Rhomberg Elias Stuerz
Anton Waller Vidar Widing  

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Far West Academic Team

The Far West Academic Team recognizes current U21-U16 athletes in the Far West whose grade point average for the previous season’s spring semester was 3.5 or better. Athletes are invited to send a legible copy of the spring report card to the FWS office by September 15, in order to be named to the Far West Academic Team.

Congratulations to our 2017 Scholar Athletes:

Far West Academic Team 2017
Amon-Franceschi Bruno * Los Angeles Unified School District
Anderson Lachlan   Mater Dei High School
Arleo Sophia   Marin Academy
Bloch Evan * Galena High School
Bloch Theodore * Galena High School
Cleary Noah   Incline High School
Davenport Luke * Crossroads School For Arts & Science
Delaney Rachel    
Eisen Erik * Mammoth High School
Ferre Jillian * North Tahoe High School
Gammariello Elizabeth * West Ranch High School
Goss Guthrie * North Tahoe High School
Haworth Evin * Central Valley Christian Schools
Horsch Caleb * Sugar Bowl Academy
Hurt AJ * North Tahoe High School
Jacobs Ned   Westlake High School
Koblas Duncan * Los Altos High School
Larrabee Abigail   Sugar Bowl Academy
Larrabee Jillian   Sugar Bowl Academy
Martel Callan   Colfax High School
Martel Karina * Colfax High School
Matteson Cole   Galena High School
Messner Chilli   Sugar Bowl Academy
Morozinski Michelle   Bret Harte High School
Mueller Madasyn * Sugar Bowl Academy
Neu Magnolia   North Tahoe High School
Neu Aliza   North Tahoe High School
Norton Payton * George Whittell High Scholl
O'Brien Preston   Sugar Bowl Academy
Palermo Lauren * Sugar Bowl Academy
Parsons Zackary   Sugar Bowl Academy
Postlewaight Nicole   Forest Charter School
Pretti Winston * Incline High School
Ries Alexander * Sugar Bowl Academy
Robillard Luca * Squaw Valley Preparatory
Scott Elizabeth   Sugar Bowl Academy
Seo Emily * Lick-Wilmerding High School
Smallhouse Matthew   Galena High School
Sosnkowski Kazimir   Sugar Bowl Academy
Staudenmayer Sophia * Sugar Bowl Academy
Sullivan Georgianna   Sugar Bowl Academy
Toalson Maris * Sugar Bowl Academy
Wattenmaker Gwen * Sugar Bowl Academy
Weyland Mary * Douglas High School
Wilson Jake   Kendyl Depaoli Middle School
Winton Mackenzie * Sugar Bowl Academy
Wong Maya * North Tahoe High School

*denotes 4.0 or higher

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 The Far West Development Teams 2017 (athletes to watch)    
Congratulations to the following athletes on being named to the Far West U14.U16 Development Team. These athletes completed the 2017 season at the top of the standings in their respective age classes.

U14 Development Team     U16 Development Team  
Girls Boys   Ladies Men
Zoe Huml Ryan Herhusky   Zazie Huml Drew Wingard
Georgie Sege Evan Lear   Alice Robinson Matthew Smallhouse
Gabriela Kogler Tommy Eisenstat   Aliza Neu Dylan Thomas
Erica Lynch Braydon Ellis   Georgie Sullivan Ben Eisenstat

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Far West Emeritus Ski Team

The Far West Emeritus Ski Team is composed of recently retired U.S. Ski Team athletes from the Far West. Team members receive complimentary lift tickets and entry fees to all USSA/Far West races to encourage their participation.

Wisi Betschart  
Nick Daniels
Forest Peterson
Katie Hitchkock
​Stephanie Lebby
Jonna Mendes
Daron Rahlves
​Marco Sullivan


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Far West Honorary Ski Team

The Far West Honorary Ski Team honors athletes from the Far West who are current members of the U.S. Ski Team.

Erik Arvidsson
Bryce Bennett
Keely Cashman
Stacey Cook
Garret Driller
Mark Engel
Travis Ganong
AJ Hurt
Lila Lapanja
Mo Lebel
Keith Moffat
Julia Mancuso


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