U14 Schedule Adjustments

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Due to the postponement of the U14 GS's the following schedule adjustments have been made, addition of one day of racing instead of adding another weekend of racing.

February 8-10 will be at Nortshtar California: Feb 8th Parallel and Team Event, Feb 9th and 10th will be the make up GS events. The GS registration from Squaw Valley has been moved to Northstar so no re-registration for the GS portion is required. Athletes will need to sign up for the Parallel race being held on Friday, Feb 8th. Please follow all deadlines as posted on the race announcement. If you are not able to race in the GS portion then please contact Northstar, [email protected], to inform them of your request to pull from the event.
All three races are counted as U14 Qualifiers.
For information on the Parallel and Team event please see the document posted on the U14 Schedules page next to the Northstar Race Announcement.

Registration for the U14 Slaloms at Diamond Peak is now open, too.

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